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You Tube, Obama and Paris Hilton

While monitoring my blog this week I  came across a piece about the effect that You Tube had on the most recent presidential election ( The fact that You Tube was even involved in the debate demonstrates what a powerful tool it is in our world today.

The article made me think of a project that I did on politics and crisis communication last term, and how sites like You Tube are changing the dynamic for almost everything in the world of politics. For the project we examined the political sparring between Obama and McCain and focused on the McCain advertisement that compared Obama to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears.

As a response to this ad, Paris Hilton created her own mock election advertisement which was distributed on the internet and had countless hits on You Tube. This made me think; if Paris Hilton is able to have her voice heard when it comes to a topic that she has nothing to do with, like the presidential election, does this demonstrate that anyone can have their voice heard in this new age of technology?

This could be seen as both a positive and negative thing. Is it bad that just anyone can put their opinions out there and gain followers? Or is this a whole new platform for free speech?


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