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Moving religion closer to the masses

To keep up with the Internet boom, religions from around the world are moving their practices into the cyber-world.

In the Net Effects blog this week, Evgeny Morozov mentions Al-Sadiq Al-Othmani, a Moroccan expert of Islam living and has brought his work in the Islam religion to a broader audience in Brazil.   Morozov says that for many Islams living in Brazil it can take up to 12 hours to reach a mosque. Othmani saw an opportunity and put his sermon online he was able to reach thousands.

“To our surprise, the sermon got 800,000 hit in just one week,” said Othmani.  Morozov mentions Othmani has since established an online magazine introducing Latin Americans to Islam.

This article shows that it is not only the business world that is taking advantage of this new avenue of communication but religions are also using social media to connect with believers in today’s world.

After a little investigating, I discovered it is not only Islam using online resources, but I found everything from Christian Facebook groups, Buddhist blogs, Muslim Twitter lists and Jehovah witness web sites. It seems most religions are jumping on the online bandwagon.

Is this a good thing for religions? Can the same faith be felt in a virtual community vs a real life religious community?

Your thoughts?




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