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Did we cheer Twitter Revolution too quickly?

Protests in Iran from

Protests in Iran from

Wow, sometimes we get too excited over happenings in the social media realm without researching, analyzing and the big one THINKING about it!

On the blog, I am following Net Effect, Evgeny Morozov published an Op-Ed on his blog that he had sent to the Boston Globe and was also published. In his op-ed/blog, he stresses that we should look at things from the other side before we start celebrating the success of social media.

For instance, the Western World celebrated that Twitter was allowing us to know about the happenings inside Iran. However, as Morozov questions, why didn’t the Iran government block Twitter? He gives these excellent ideas:

1)It is a god-send to Iran intelligance to discover connections between activists and their outside counterparts.

2)It allows the government to follow the events happening inside closely.

Opps… yet another way for big brother to control the people. Also another example that we as intellectuals need to question more and think from the other perspective.

As social media is used more and more we need to be more inquisitive about who is able to read what we are putting out into cyberspace and who can read it.

Your thoughts?




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