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It’s been a fun and interesting ride!

It is hard to believe tomorrow we enter our last week in our Social Media class. Seriously, the time flew by! I have to admit  this class has been an eye-opening experience. I feel so lucky to be ahead of the game in regards to social media and its use in business, marketing and PR from this class and I am nervous to leave in case a new social media tool creeps up and I won’t hear about it. (oh no, I’m concerned about being left out of developing social media apps. Has this class turned me into a Web 2.0 geek?)

Although I found learning about all the different social media tools (blogs, wikis, twitter, flickr and even skype was new to me) fascinating, it wasn’t until we had the opportunity to speak with C.C. Chapman that this exciting world of social media hit home for me.

C.C. was so down-to-earth and spoke about social media in plain language (Too much tech talk before turns me off). After hearing about his agency’s, The Advance Guard, advance buzz campaign for True Blood I was captivated. So I read more about this particular campaign and watched videos on the response. I even found myself showing it to people who barely know me at work and gushing about how well done I thought it was. This campaign was the perfect mix of social media and traditional marketing. As mentioned in our first reading by Tracey Taweel, people love to communicatewith each other, but we also love to communicate in different forms. If we only had ICQ, and couldn’t talk on the phone, in person or in any other form what a lonely world we would live in. This campaign not only tapped into newer social media as a forum to intregue influencers with social capital, but they used the old fashioned post office communicating.

It is exciting campaigns like The Advance Guard’s True Blood and people like C.C. Chapman that get me excited about social media and how we can use it as a new tool among all the other tools we have in our red PR tool boxes.

Thank you Dr. D for this fantastic experience. Turning on a computer will never be the same for me ever again!



P.S. By the way, ever since C.C. Chapman skyped into my life and I discovered True Blood, I’ve been a little obsessed. For your viewing pleasure, the teaser for True Blood season two.


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