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I see it, but would I buy it?

What a week! Thank you DeNel for going to such great lengths to find some really interesting and informative guest speakers. Martin Delaney’s presentation on Wednesday especially helped bring an understanding of how to successfully evaluate the use of social media beyond our academic walls. It was easy to tell that he is passionate about his own work and really believes that many forms of social media are expanding, not limiting, our capacity to communicate.

During the presentation, Martin made a few comments about the shift in evaluation methods from ‘awareness’ to ‘likelihood to refer’. No longer can businesses and organizations use awareness as a stand-alone mark of success. With television advertising, it is easy to watch a commercial and be aware of a product while remaining a passive consumer. Maybe once in awhile you will yell at the screen when you don’t like a commercial or laugh to yourself when you really do like one. On the internet there are many opportunities to actually respond, reflect, and refer to an advertisement. In many ways, the internet has transformed us into a society of engaged consumers.

Businesses and organizations must stay on their toes when it comes to evaluation of internet consumers and their likelihood to refer products or services. Consumers don’t take an individual journey from awareness to action; it’s more like a road trip where you pick up a busload of talkative people along the way. If we like it – we will let everyone know. If we don’t like it – we will most definitely let everyone know.

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