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Missing my “kids”

Hey all you smarty-party pants. Thanks for working through some of the issues posed in mostlyheather’s post. I appreciate it. I miss our intense learning journey, and hope all of you are enjoying “summer”.

over for now, doctor d

p.s. anybody want to recommend a good post they’ve recently read on their monitored blog?

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Matt Goes National

Matt tweeted yesterday about Bill IP21C, which, if passed, would allow the police to get personal information from ISPs. His message was picked up by a CBC producer who sent a local reporter to interview him. According to Matt, and as usual, not everything he wanted to argue was picked up in the final report. “I had expressed in the interview how I thought the internet should be free from governance and free for everyone to share and search without the fear of being monitored by police or the feds,” Matt wrote to me in an email. “But they left that part out haha.”

I think we’re all beginning to understand the potential of new media.

Way to go, Matt!

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Hello Students!

Feel free to use this blog however you want, you’re a contributor.

I look forward to exchanging ideas here, in addition to in class and on our future wiki.

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