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What do you carry?

One of the posts from the blog I am following, Entitled, left me wondering what is I carry that really means something to me and says something about me?

The blog talks about how there are items we all carry with us that mean something to us and say something very particular about all of us.  The woman in the blog speaks about how she even carries something important to her but doesn’t believe she is superstitious.

I think even I carry around items which are very important to me but mean nothing more than they are important. We all ake comfort in certain items and when things are all going wrong there can really be something said for those items that bring instant comfort.

In this world we all live in today I think it’s important for people to find comfort any way they can. So I leave you with wondering, what are you carrying?

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A new world…

All of the aspects we have learned in this class I feel are so important in today’s PR world. I can already see the benefits it will have for us and the organizations we will work for in the future.

One of the greatest parts to all of this is the way in which we evaluate it. I think it is so important we understand how to evaluate everything we are suggesting our employers use and know when it is working and when it is not. Being able to use all different types of social media is one thing but understanding how to think strategically about it is entirely other issue.

The presentation we saw on evaluation was so valuable to me as a professional because with social media once you put something out there, it’s out there. There is no real way to take it back and understanding what will work and won’t and why can make a really big difference to organizations.

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Work Life Balance

One of the areas in life the Generation Y is supposed to be good at, is maintaining a great work life balance. A great example of this balance can be seen in my blog, Entitled.

The girl who writes the majority of the posts for the blog has not been writing since June 3rd and will not have another entry posted until June 22. She is gone on vacation and at first she is on a work related trip, she will be leaving from there is cruise through the Bahamas. She posted to say she is taking a real vacation and will not be checking her work or personal email and definitely not blogging while she is away.

I feel this is a great practice of some of the issues she speaks about on her blog. Generation Y is better at turning everything off than their predecessors when is comes to taking time off. We understand the benefits and need for time off and complete time off. We work for it and enjoy when it comes and enjoy turning off the work part of our life.

This is not to say we do not work hard when we are at work. It simply means we know how to relax when we aren’t there. We understand the idea of leaving work at the office and we are also really good working to live and not living to work.

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Wasting Away in the Twenties

The blog I’m following, Entitled, gives a very interesting look to the world of being twenty and a young professional. One of the issues which really struck a cord with me was the post on wasting time in our twenties.

Being a 24 year-old woman I continually find myself asking the “What am I doing?” question. I already have a degree and in less than a year I will be all done of round number two.  This causes me to ask “When is my life going to start and shouldn’t  I be more something right now?” I feel this is a common isue with the Generation Y types.

We are forced to go to school longer than any pervious generation so a young professional these days will be me, an eager 25 year-old. We constanly hear how we do this and that the wrong way and we’re lazy but I think it may be that we are more mature. Starting out, we are older and have lived through more than our parents did at our age. We take the time to know ourselves before getting married, get one or two degrees to know we can take care of ourselves and travel to understand what else is out there.

I know I have the moments common to other generation Yers where I’m thinking, where have my twenties gone and what have I accomplished. Although, I think since we start doing everything later in life there is a chance we may be more prepared for the rest of life when it happens.

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The Real World

I have been making posts about this quite a bit lately but the idea of “offline” and “online” is very interesting to me.  In our last class we had Harold Simons Skype into our class to discuss the idea of using social media for internal communications.

To me the idea of Second Life and other virtual worlds put red flags up all over the place because they aren’ t reality. I really enjoy the idea of face to face interaction and even more so when it refers to the corporate world.  I believe Skype is another social media tool and do not understand why people aren’t more willing to use it for meetings when they are on opposit sides of the world.  I believe Skype is another extension of technology which can further the effiency of a corporation.

I feel like I am beating this subject to death, I just feel as though human interaction is very important. Espeically in the field we are entering, I feel as though with the explosion of social media we really need to be aware of ways to intergrate the two areas. I think Skype is a perfect example of ways in which we can intergrate the two-way communication of social media and the human interaction people will begin to crave.

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The now now now Generation

The blog I am following, Entitled, follows two women who are basically my age maneuver through their jobs as the new Generation Y employees.

They discuss the new challenges faced by both Baby Boomers and Generation Ye’ers to learn to work together.  Are people our age entering the work force there seems to be misconceptions about our drive and capability to figure anything out on our own.

People often call our generation the “now” generation, saying we always want something right this instant and get bored if we don’t get it right away. This is somewhat of a true statement because with technology we are able to get things right away. Waiting was no something we had to do a lot of growing up.

This said there are a lot of misconceptions about our generation in the work place stating we are spoon fed and lazy. I along with the Entitled bloggers do not feel this is true. There is a more work, life balance with our generation but this does not mean we are not able to handle working more than one project at a time or are slower at completing a project.

I am glad to be a Generation Y’er and see many benefits to being from a generation who works hard and believes they can find the answers to their questions right now.

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Still a fan of real life.

Worlds in cyberspace are becoming a much larger part of our world. People now have the ability to make a second identity for themselves and in a sense be the person they wish they could be in real life, or as it now called “offline”.

Having used Second Life yesterday for the first time and stumbled through the different worlds in my beautiful outfit. For me, I struggle with the idea of having two identities, one which I live in and the other I live through via my computer. I do see the advantages to these type of cyber reality worlds with the need to become more connected with people throughout the world but for me I find it odd to talk to someone I know I will never meet.

This may be a simple first timer-use anxiety and hesitation to this type of world. To be quite honest I am not even really sure what I am supposed to be doing once I have entered this world but I am much more comfortable meeting colleagues through face to face methods. With the introduction of Skype and web-casting I believe face to face meetings are possible from opposite sides of the world and people will be able to use their true self.

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2-Way Communication within Social Media

Social Media is one of the greatest ways institutions are able to interact with their publics. Social media enables them to send messages to their publics through wikis, blogs and even podcasts. The great aspect to these social media is the “comment” section which is found in most social medias. This is an area usually at the bottom of the posting where people are able to comment on what they are reading. This gives the institution the feedback they need from their public to grow a better a relationship with them.
Comments are a tool which the public to respond to an issue they feel is an important. It engages them into the conversation and enables a public to feel more a part of the institution.
Comments can also be used to judge the quality and insight of other commenters. The comment section of social media outlets really engages discussion on a particular issue posted.
Disquis – A comment and discussion plug-in for Web sites and blogs. This makes commenting more interactive by creating discussion across the web.
coComment – A comment service which creates conversations based on other comments found on the Web.
IntenseDebate – A service that encourages commenting and discussions on your current blog.
Tangler – A service that enables a global conversations throughout the Web.

An example of this can be found on the blog, .
The postings have comments on the bottom where AIMS’ public is able to join the conversation on the institution and agree or disagree on a variety of points.
When beginning a comment section to a social media there are a few factors to be considered. The first of these is who will be monitoring the comments. Due to the open nature of the internet anyone has access to the social media and the opportunity to comment. These comments may not always be appropriate and there needs to be a monitoring system in place to ensure comments are acceptable.
The second factor is the organization has to be prepared for how far they are willing to allow a discussion to go. How much are they willing to allow someone to disagree with their point of view.

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