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The Hottest Man On Twitter

Well this week, my life decided to catch up with me and Monday morning lucky me, I was sick in bed. Ok well I guess I wouldn’t say lucky actually it was horrible. But back to the blogging, since I missed class on Monday and Wednesday was an independent class to work on our project, I didn’t have any readings to base my post on. So I decided to research CC Chapman. If this guy is as awesome in person as he is on paper, I hate the fact that I was sick. However, he does also does seem a bit different.

Known as the hottest man on Twitter, this guy seems to be extremely successful and certainly knows what he his talking about when looking at Social Media. Check out his website, to see the cool stuff he is doing. But I have to say, he certainly does not fit the social media type. I mean, when I think of social media gurus, I don’t think stay at home dad. This goes to show how SM is often associated with young guys.

But seriously, check out the website. It’s hilarious; he even has calendars for sale. All proceeds go to a charity of his choice. Thing is he did a photo shoot with chilly peppers, clever right Hottest man on Twitter.

Anyways, I wish my body had decided to take another day to protest but I guess you can’t choose this.


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Is that really you?

Like every other week, I’ve been keeping you updated on the Community Marketing Blog. This week when I went to see what I could write about, something seemed odd. For the second week in a row the post had not yet been changed and was dated. Now, I know people are busy but don’t you think the blog should be kept up to date constantly considering this specific blog is used to communicate best practices with proffessionals? However, the rest of the page is being updated, I just find it odd that the top story does not.
On June 11, Ellen Bradt, winner of the blog-off contest posted an interesting article. If you’re interested you should read I Don’t Like What You Wrote. You Should Be Poisoned, Garrotted, Stabbed With Stiletto Heels, Thrown Off A Tall Building, and Have Vultures Eat Your Liver. This article touched on an interesting topic: identity online. Ellen goes on to talk about how you never know who you will meet online. For the most part people are genuine and friendly but you never know. So how can you make sure that you are not meeting sketchy people online? Well you can’t; I guess you just have to trust your own judgement. Since the internet is not only used for professional but also our personal lives, this brings in a sense of insecurity and skepticism on t he trust we give people. With online dating sites being popular, how do people know that they are not setting themselves up for disaster and dissapointement?

To me it seems easier to get to know someone in person. I guess I prefer meeting people face to face rather than online.

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Maybe it had to do with their beautiful accents?

This week we had the privilege to hear from three professionals who use social media on a daily basis. Their expertise and knowledge really tied in everything we had been discussing in class until then. Bringing us full-circle was great since now I can connect current real life examples to what I am learning in class.
When Calum introduced SEO, I found this extremely interesting. It made me think about how I search things on Google. I’m sure it has happened to you that you can’t seem to find what you are looking for on Google. Well, now we know. It might have to do with the fact that we are not thinking the same way as the person managing the website.

Another thing that makes you wonder is the language being used. It becomes obvious that the rules of English grammar do not necessarily apply online. A new lingo has been created, and proper structure has been thrown out the window. Why can’t we just keep the same language on and off line? I mean, it’s already a challenge at times for me to speak English properly face to face with someone let alone change the structure to make it fit the online criteria. But I guess it’s part of the game.

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Are we losing our voices?

As PR practitioners, we are constantly searching to find our voice, and the voice of others. Finding your voice will differentiate you from others; it is what makes you a weak, ok or great writer. This week on the Community Marketing Blog, an article caught my interest. It might have had to with the fact that this American based blog mentioned Prince Edward Island. But as I kept reading, PEI had nothing to do with it. The blogger, Doug Hall, was questioning if social media affects your voice.

In his post, Why instant feedback on the internet can be BAD, he says “Instead of saying what I believed – I was writing based on what I thought the audience wanted. The result was a “dumbing down” of my messages. And, a lack of authenticity.”

This is a bit alarming, what is social media doing to our future? Is our intelligence really creating us to become dumb? When looking at tools such as Twitter or Facebook, people are updating their status as if it’s going out of style. With 140 characters, you can’t say much so instead of using proper English, a new lingo is created. Also, people seem to start to write only what they believe others want to hear. I feel this is making people become superficial. This makes you wonder, if people are losing their critical thinking skills to social media? By not writing what you believe and simply what you feel others want to hear, you don’t need to think much since in today’s society we are bombarded with what messages we should think.

On another note…

The results are in! With over 40 bloggers who entered the blog-off contest, a winner has been announced. Over a two week period, 12 bloggers posted on the Community Marketing Blog. However, there is not one defined winner. Instead, the 12 bloggers will be invited to contribute on a weekly basis. So, what was the point of the contest if there was no winner?

That’s all for now,


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Social Media… Where do we start?

I have to say that I found today’s class very interesting. Social Media has so many avenues and opportunities, but where do you draw the line? When do you end? Where do you start? Social Media brings up so many questions on the way we communicate.

After class, I was thinking of our conversation on government communications. Having done two co-ops at the federal level, I have seen bureaucracy at its best. The process to get a simple snetence approved is so tidious. It makes me wonder if even baby steps will change how social media is integrated in the work being done. With Social Media moving at lightning speed and governement moving at the speed of a turtle, there is a total disconnect. If proceedures don’t change, I feel that it is difficult for governement to join the social media world.

Just look at our province. Yes parties are using social media. Are they doing a good job? NO! This is probably in part due to the proceedures they have to follow. Think about it. Social Media sites like Twitter are being updated every second but it can take two weeks to get a release or a letter , speech approved.



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We only have a six month life span…

This week on Community Marketing Blog, things havent changed much. The first story hasn’t been updated in over a two weeks. Where are the blog-off contestants to keep the page current? Needless to say, there is no mention of the blog-off contest on the blog. After exploring the blog a bit more, I found that other stories on the feed were more recent however having an out-dated feed as the first story throws off the reader.

One of the recent post however caught my eye. The Wild World of Blogs was posted on May 29, 2009. Throughout this article, the author discusses blogs and their lifespan. According to Rich Brogan, a blog has a lifespan of six months. This got me thinking, why do blogs only last six months? Due to the nature social media, we know that every day new technologies are being created making the virtual world very complex. This can sometimes make it difficult to keep up with blogs. If you think about it, blogs are expecting us to automatically fall in love with a blog and stay connected. Unfortunately, we are only human and sometimes its difficult to update blogs daily. Bloggers need to be thinking creatively and have deep thoughts. Are we asking for too much?

I thought this article was relevant since we are using a blog for this course.

That’s all for now,

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Flying collegues…Great Business Opportunity?

Today I got to change my name, my looks and even fly. Not every day does someone gets to say this. Ok well I didn’t really do it myself but my avatar in Second life did. What an experience it was. I’m not sure what to think of Second life. Maybe if I was more inclined to video games; I would have enjoyed this virtual world better. However, I don’t know about the rest of you but I felt I needed to shout out to my group members what I was about to do and where I was going before typing it out.

After my short experience lived in Second life, I am questioning its credibility. How can you evaluate the credibility of an avatar? I mean you can strip your clothes wherever you want. We don’t do that in a professional setting! But in Second life everyone can see you in your bra and underwear while you’re changing your appearance. This to me does not scream business deal.

Personally, I feel that Second life is more social than business and find it hard to take it seriously. By time, I had figured out how to stop jumping on the furniture and to sit on it, I was done. (too confusing for right now)

For now, I think I’m going to stick to face to face meetings.

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Is time going backwards?

I know time is going by quickly, and that we probably all wish we could stretch out the six weeks of classes a little longer, or at least make time go by slower at times. But as far as I know going back in time is not possible. Today when I went to check the Community Marketing Blog, the first thing I noticed was that these bloggers do believe they can go back in time.

Stories do not follow a chronological order. Although the the story headline is timely, “How Is Your Company Out-Smarting The Recession?“, the first line of this article reads “This Friday May 22nd we will be… “Posted on May 21st, the story is already dated. I did not really question this until I saw what date the next story in the feed had been posted. Posted on May 26, the blog entries no longer followed a chronological order. I had to comment on this as it seemed a little off. By having a story that is already dated as the first story and then the next story with today’s day throws off the reader. At first I thought I must be on the wrong page. I don’t know what you’re thoughts are on this but I feel that by having an already dated story as your first one may turn away readers from the blog.

Before I end my comment, some of you might be wondering what is happening with the blog-off contest. This week has been the busiest week out of all the weeks I have been following the blog. And after reading the beginning of a few articles, I began questioning this contest. Was having a blog-off contest such a great idea? Personally, I don’t feel it is. Humans are of competitive nature and some will go through great lengths to win. The same is happening in on the blog. Titles are becoming a lot testier and stories have a more self promoting tone as the blogger wants to win. Now, if I recall, anyone can post on the blog as long as if the story does not self-promote or advertise. Seems to me that the participants are doing just that: self-promoting. How can this be helping the blog?


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How Many Identities Do YOU Have?

This week in class one of the readings discussed, Meetspace by Elizabeth Barrett got me thinking. How many identities do I have? Without even thinking I would say at least three.
In our society, we already have what we would consider our “offline” identity for which most of us can not be defined in a black and white world. Personally, I have two distinct identities, my English life and my French life. Now, on top of juggling those two lives I have to add to that my “online” identity. This is getting complicated, not only do we need to juggle our offline lives now we must add our virtual lives to that. This makes you wonder how many of us are different when online then offline. How is this affecting our social lives? Personally, I feel it adds to the mix but is it making our society less interactive? Are we helping to create a socially awkward society? These are all questions that are still being questioned. As for now, we must simply learn how to live with our different (sometimes very complex) identities.

So think about it, how many identities do you have?


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In the spirit of So You Think You Can Dance…

Do you have a passion for blogging? Well Community Marketing Blog might just be the blog for you! The blog team is looking for three talented people to join their team. In the spirit of So You Think You Can Dance, Canadian Idol or even America’s Got Talent, the team is having a blog-off contest. From May 18 to May 30, bloggers will get a chance to show off their talents. This is a great idea brought to you by the Community Marketing Blog.

How does it work?

With three goals in mind, contestants must write topics they believe will be inspiring, create as much interaction as possible, and generate as much traffic on their blog as possible. Bloggers must complete a three stage process to be eligible.

Stage 1:  Tell the readers who they are, there area of specialization and why they would be a perfect fit for the blog. Once all the applicants have been evaluated, judges will make their selection and the blogging can begin.

Stage 2:  As of now, 25 participants have been chosen and they now have two weeks to post a minimum of two articles. Also, they must generate as much traffic on their blog.

Stage 3:  At the end of two weeks, the blogger that has created the most traffic on their post will be crowned the winner and be asked to join the Community Marketing Blog team.

If you want to keep an eye on the competition or if you are interested in making your blogging skills known you can go to the Community Marketing Blog .

 So let the blogging begin!


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