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Looking Back

Words never come too easy to me, so when thinking back to this course and what all I have learned I find myself staring into space, trying to organizing all the insight I’ve gained into manageable sentences that make sense.

 I find that as frequent users of social media, a lot of us likely entered this class thinking we already knew the ins and outs of social media tools….that was so not the case – at least not for me.

 Firstly, hearing of all the tools out there on the first day—ones that I hadn’t even heard of— was astonishing. Its crazy to think that after all we’ve covered in this course was only the tip of the ice burg that is social media. Then after learning about the history of social media, I realized it’s been around longer then I had thought, even though its only caught on in the past four years or so.

 Another thing that I know I’ll take away from this class is the value of an open mind. Though the idea of Second Life seemed strange to me right from the get go, I did give it a try and at least now I can walk away knowing what its all about. As young professionals who are currently— or about to be— looking for work, employers are counting on us to have the scoop on these tools. Although this was a short class, it will give us an advantage over others to say we used things like second life, blogs and wikis for our program.

 Patience is a virtue and that applies to social media as well. Many of us were likely pulling out our hair at times while learning our way around newer tools such as the class wiki project. However with patience and practise we all learned how to collaboratively use this great tool directly. I also got to learn more about twitter – a tool I have always been passive towards. Now, I understand and respect the value of such a tool in the PR world for managing information and sending messages. In addition, communicating with professionals with such tools as Skype and Podcasts have given us insight into the alternate ways to connect with one another – something we should certainly keep in mind upon entering the workforce.

 Overall, this class was a huge eye opener and a fabulous learning experience. Hearing the opinions of everyone in the class provided an enriching element to the class, and DeNel you’re knowledge was great all the way through! Let’s hope that this class eventually becomes integrated as a required course, so that all graduating students can take this great insight with them.

June 22, 2009 - Posted by | Comment on Course Material

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