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What do you carry?

One of the posts from the blog I am following, Entitled, left me wondering what is I carry that really means something to me and says something about me?

The blog talks about how there are items we all carry with us that mean something to us and say something very particular about all of us.  The woman in the blog speaks about how she even carries something important to her but doesn’t believe she is superstitious.

I think even I carry around items which are very important to me but mean nothing more than they are important. We all ake comfort in certain items and when things are all going wrong there can really be something said for those items that bring instant comfort.

In this world we all live in today I think it’s important for people to find comfort any way they can. So I leave you with wondering, what are you carrying?

June 21, 2009 - Posted by | Review of Monitored Site

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  1. My purse has been, at times, so crammed with “stuff” (or junk as my fiance calls it), that I have actually sprained my wrist carrying it around. Try explaining that to the triage nurse at the emergency room.

    There are so many things that I carry around that I feel identify me. My wallet – clearly. But my key chain that hasn’t held a key on it in over 6 years is always nestled in the pouch where my cell phone *should* be. The receipt that reminds me of my first date with my fiance makes the switch every time I change bags.

    I’ve tried cleaning out my purse, purging the items I feel that are just unnecessary – but ultimately it ends up being so heavy that I cause myself personal injury. All the time.

    I’m like that online as well – my inbox has over 700 messages that I can’t bear to delete. My blog that I’ve sporadically posted on for the last year doesn’t have a single entry deleted and I’ve never felt the need to “clean up” my facebook friends like some people I know have in the past. It makes me wonder if I’m cluttered like that in real life, and online, will I be a social media packrat as well? It will be interesting to find out!

    Comment by heatherjchafe | June 22, 2009 | Reply

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