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So this is it, my last official blog post. I have mixed feelings as a write this post, I am sad that the course is coming to a close, but also to be filled with knowledge of what social media is all about.

On the first day of class I was nervous and excited. I was not comfortable with my social media skills and when I was told all the exercises we were going to be doing, my stomach did a little bit of a flip. Blogs, Wikis, pos casts… WhAT!?!? I had used these tools, but to actually make when. I am a facebook geek, and I would tweet and blog from time to time, but to actually learn the purposes or blogs, wikis, podcasts was a great experience. I find my self a lot more comfortable with the different social media tools, and actually know what they do and where to get access to them.

I also enjoyed reading my classmates posts. Each post was unique and very informative. It was also nice to see how our personalities are shown in our posts; just by reading them you can guess who wrote them. I would also like to say thank you to all the great guests speakers that we had. All of them brought new ideas to the table, and open my mind to what social media has to offer and how it different tools can play different parts in organizations.

Last but not least. Thanks DeNel.  You made this class fun and interesting for the last 6 weeks. You kept us working hard and always had us on our toes. In my opinion, I think this course should be a mandatory class. Social media is growing fast, and all up coming PR practitioners should learn the ropes.

Au revoir mes amis!


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