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“Is your Website a needy child?”

It needs to be kept cleaned, updated with the latest trends, make sure it has no bad language, does your audience like it? Are you raising a child or running a website? This week while following my website, I came upon and interesting but humorous post on how website and taking care of a child have some similarities. Lindsey Miller wrote post  “Is your Website a needy child?” and provided readers/organizations some key pointers to make sure your website doesn’t look to needy.

The following is her lsit:

Does your organization have organaritis? If you answer yes to one or more of the following questions you probably need to seek medical help:

• Do you have pictures of very important people within your organization (your needy children) on your Web pages?

• Do these needy children require messages from them to be published prominently on the site?

• Do you have big pictures of smiling actors pretending to be customers? (Shiny, happy people.)

• Do you have needy departments whose stated objective in life is to get some real estate on the home page?

• Do you have needy, powerful managers who demand that their latest programs and initiatives get prominence on the home page?

• Is your culture one that believes that the primary purpose of the Web site is to get customers to do what you want them to do, rather than help them quickly and easily do what they came to do?

• Does your organization embrace verbosity atrocities? Headings such as: “Start your way to a clear new world.”

I agree with all the points that she has made and believe that a website can reflect the organizations lack of customer focus. However I also believe if something it not broken doesn’t fix it. Some organizations websites don’t need to be update because their target audiences are “simple” and don’t need the new and flashy tools. Like Calum said in his presentation, he has not up dated some of his websites and they are still in the top 3 of Google search.

I think what is comes down it, is that organizations need to understand what their audiences are looking for. And some however do need to bit the bullet and ask for help for their dying site.

June 21, 2009 - Posted by | Review of Monitored Site

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