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The right to be heard

I found it interesting that the first sentence in the introduction of this article was a question; an unanswered question – “Does Web 2.0 mean anything?” It’s almost amusing that as students we are asking the same question as web research and developers. I know there are specific definitions as to what Web 2.0 is and the types of tools and collaboration that makes Web 2.0 exist, but what does it mean to the people who don’t actually care? The people who don’t own a computer? The people who aren’t connected to the Internet? Or the people who use the computer and Internet every day but only for work, not for research, or Web 2.0 uses?
The question of the “right to communicate” is an interesting one. I didn’t really even think about it, to be honest. But as citizens we all know we have the right to free speech and freedom of opinion and expression, so what happens when the only way to voice your opinion is through a video posted to the web? A comment box on the website? An email? An online survey?
The people who either have accessibility issues, or disabilities, or the people who aren’t connected but still hold the same rights of freedom of opinion and expression are now left without an outlet. This just emphasizes the importance of continuing already existing communications with the addition of Web 2.0 technologies. We can’t simply just leave many people behind and ignore their rights to communicate with us. I understand that certain campaigns or companies will target specific audiences, and those people may not have communication issues, but for … say … the government, it is much more important to be able to give everyone the same opportunity to voice concerns, opinions, and comments. Everyone should be apart of the conversation.
Any thoughts?

Kim Bottomley


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