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Mommies Like Social Media Too

The Motrin Ad.

Is there really anything else to say? Other than HIDEOUS?

I was embarassed for the company while watching that ad. I couldn’t believe that was their take on Motherhood, and that they truly felt that’s what it means to be a mom.

I think what it comes down to is the fact that whoever was behind this ad obviously knew nothing about motherhood, and nothing about the power of social media.

If this ad was on TV, I’m sure these media savvy mommies would have been just as angry and still could have voiced their anger online. However; what they would have been missing was the ability to link their comments to the specific commercial or share the links with their social networks. Because this ad was online, they were able to easily share it with the cyber world.  Also, I’m sure if this ad was released on television it wouldn’t have gotten nearly as much negative feedback in such a short amount of time.

This is the beauty of social media. The public has a voice, which was clearly demonstrated with this case.  Part of the article showed a great quote from the Vancouver Sun:

“They (moms) were making their views known in an online storm that blasted through the blogosphere and the micro-blogging website Twitter, spiking traffic and spreading bad news about the brand”

I think this was a huge wake up call for Motrin, who apparently didn’t have any idea of the chaos that was happening over this ad.

This whole mishap makes me very thankful that I chose to take this course.  If I’m ever in charge of putting together an internet ad for a company, I’ll know all the bases to cover.  And I’ll most certainly do some background research on the target audience.

What do you think of the power of internet ads over television ads?

Farewell to you all!



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