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Since this is may be my last post *tear* I felt it should be related to our futures as we move on from Denel’s Social Media Seminar. For some of us it’s graduation, for others… it’s next semester. Since I didn’t really want to write about Shel Holtz’ Blog this week I had to think hard about what I should write about.

Maybe I should write about the great things I’ve learned like social media measurment from Martin Delaney or maybe how much we appreciated @cc_chapman‘s help connecting us with his friend Julien Smith. Maybe I should say what a wonderful professor Denel has been to us, fair, understanding and tons of fun. I could do that and try to bring tears to our eyes but frankly I don’t think I’m capable AND it wouldn’t really be in the spirit of social media.

We’ve learned that Web 2.0 is about sharing not exploitation. We’ve learned that social media is about creating two-way dialogues and we’ve learned that we all have SERIOUS social capital and a really great network of talented and smart young women … and me.

I figure this post should be valuable if anything. I was considering posting some videos to make everyone laugh or a case study that we could use in the future but then I thought that would be a bad idea because this post still counts for marks.

So I’d like to share with everyone some things that I think are valuable, like cool ideas that may help you land a job in social media, or at an agency or whereever you think is cool. Hopefully these ideas will prompt you to think outside the box not only when it comes to work but to finding work as well.

Cool Idea Number 1. Make a Facebook ad about yourself!

Facebook has really, really, really targeted ads for really, really, really, cheap. How can you pimp this? Target the agencies interests, find out some of the interests of people in the agency combine that with a snazzy little ad such as REVOLVE SHOULD HIRE ME. With the right amount of research the right people will see your ads and at should least give you a look. Link that ad to a website, online CV/Resume/portfolio/blog/naked pics. Ok, Maybe not the last one unless you are looking for jobs outside of PR.

Check out the publicity this guy got for 98 cents!!

Cool Idea 2. Design a HOT online portfolio.

The days of the leave behind are virtually over and the virtual leave behind is here. Can you design websites? Do you have sweet skills online? Make an online portfolio! Or … Are you like me? Do you lack the steez necessary to create your own website? No worries,  I bet you have a friend that have those skills and if you don’t you know someone who knows someone who does.

Check these online portfolios for some ideas.


Cool Idea Number 3.

This isn’t really a cool idea more than it is something cool to consider. I’ve been searching and scouring the internet and seeing what sort of people have really cool jobs and seem to be making decent money doing it. As graduates and soon to be graduates from Mount Saint Vincent University, the unknown little blip on the side of the Bedford Highway, we are probably the most industry ready graduates in the country. I shit you not.

Between our education, work experience and  the attitude and comraderie this program instills in its graduates makes us more than  ready to become industry rockstars.

So, fear not graduates and soon to be graduates you will find jobs in your field if that is what you desire.  Despite recessions, despite increased competition and IN SPITE of swine flu. Allow your swag juice to drip freely on the floor because you’ve earned the right to.

That’s all I really have … I actually have more but I fear this may turn into a Molson commercial before too long.

Thank you Denel for a great semester, good luck grads and to my homies in the 3rd … do what it do.



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  1. I’m commenting just because I want to, not because I need to…


    Comment by kbslice | June 17, 2009 | Reply

  2. Ditto!

    Comment by hollyfleming | June 18, 2009 | Reply

  3. Well said!

    Comment by sarahjanemac | June 21, 2009 | Reply

  4. “Our students are the greatest gift we will ever get. Publications may burn. Research will become dated. The lives we touch with compassion, with strength, with belief in potential and assistance in reaching that potential will make more of a difference than anything we do to bolster our own professional egos and status.” Margo Husby Scheelar

    Each one of you has been a gift to me. Go forth, be yourselves, kick butt.

    Comment by doctor d | June 23, 2009 | Reply

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