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Fundraising via SM

After reading Social Media ROI –  a calculator for not-for-profits, I was really interested in the tools that Rhodes recommended because I still have questions about the success of fundaraising through SM. We all know what ROI, metrics and measurable objective mean to organizations and those who work in social media. It’s the difference between what we do for a paycheque and a hobby. Since it’s beginning to become easier to quantify social media investment with tools like Radian6 and The Social Network ROI Calculator it’s also becoming easier to put a dollar value on what the work is actually worth.

But is social media the best avenue for fundraising? According to author and president of Community Driven Institute, Hildy Gottlieb fundraising through social media is not sustainable and tools such like ChipIn and Just Giving are virutal ‘begging bowls.’  However she does believe that there is a place for social media in fundraising. For instance generating awareness and driving traffic to your website or events. I agree.

This is where I believe social media is most effective, in creating awareness, reach and building communitiy engagement. The real power in social media is that it has the ability to generate interest and caring about initiatives. I think Twitter spamming and Facebook spamming isn’t as effective as people think.

I think before we go off trying to use social media to solve all of our problems we should stop and analyse what social media does best and where it has had its most success.


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  1. Matt,

    I completely agree. I’m glad you blogged about this today. I think your right, social media can be used to drive traffic to a website, to create a conversation about your product or organization and to build a community but that’s about as far as it goes as far as fundraising is concerned.

    I realized something along these lines while working on our client project. Hildy says it well, the “begging bowl” is definitely what it started to feel like. Social media’s strengths lie its ability to bring people together over a common interest. It’s most successful when it’s used to engage conversation.

    People and organizations tend to get carried away and assume that social media is the “silver bullet”. But nothing is ever a silver bullet, and social media is as strategic as any other form of communication.


    Comment by kbslice | June 17, 2009 | Reply

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