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Like every other week, I’ve been keeping you updated on the Community Marketing Blog. This week when I went to see what I could write about, something seemed odd. For the second week in a row the post had not yet been changed and was dated. Now, I know people are busy but don’t you think the blog should be kept up to date constantly considering this specific blog is used to communicate best practices with proffessionals? However, the rest of the page is being updated, I just find it odd that the top story does not.
On June 11, Ellen Bradt, winner of the blog-off contest posted an interesting article. If you’re interested you should read I Don’t Like What You Wrote. You Should Be Poisoned, Garrotted, Stabbed With Stiletto Heels, Thrown Off A Tall Building, and Have Vultures Eat Your Liver. This article touched on an interesting topic: identity online. Ellen goes on to talk about how you never know who you will meet online. For the most part people are genuine and friendly but you never know. So how can you make sure that you are not meeting sketchy people online? Well you can’t; I guess you just have to trust your own judgement. Since the internet is not only used for professional but also our personal lives, this brings in a sense of insecurity and skepticism on t he trust we give people. With online dating sites being popular, how do people know that they are not setting themselves up for disaster and dissapointement?

To me it seems easier to get to know someone in person. I guess I prefer meeting people face to face rather than online.


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