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One of the last readings that was posted, titled “We thinks we ❤ Twitter,” has further increased my fascination with Twitter and its function in society.

Just the other week, I blogged about the first scientific experiment that was conducted via Twitter (which I thought was absolutely fascinating), and this reading has opened a whole new can of worms in terms of what Twitter is capable of.

What essentially happened was this business, called Naked Pizza, used Twitter as a mechanism to sell their pizza. They asked people to join them on Twitter on May 29 (which they dubbed “eat like an ancestor day” – which means avoiding additives, preservatives, chemicals etc.) and order a pizza. In order to track people from Twitter,  they asked them to say “I’m calling from Twitter” when they placed their order.

The result? The two year old store set an overall one-day sales record, and 68.6% of total dollar sales came from customers who said “I’m calling from Twitter.”


This is really exciting, and may represent some of the beginnings of the shift away from traditional marketing and towards what @nakedpizza (which, FYI, is Naked Pizza’s Twitter account & author of its media release) called “social influence marketing.”

@nakedpizza brought up an interesting point, however: perhaps not all businesses are suited to this type of marketing. Because social media at its best practice is transparent, it is important that a company has something good and worthwhile to talk about honestly.

Naked Pizza has been able to do this because they specialize in healthy food and have a social mission – in other words, they have something positive to Tweet about.

The shift towards so-called “social influence marketing” means businesses may have to look at the way they practice business, and according to @nakedpizza, ask themselves the following questions before they become genuinely involved in social media:

– “Was anyone exploited during the manufacturing of our goods?”
– “Will our product effect your health in negative ways?”
– “Are our products good for the environment?”

In other words, do they have anything positive to talk about? Or to spark online discussion about? And can they be transparent and open on a social platform (ie: do they have anything to hide)?

Hopefully this will force companies (old and new) to rethink their business models and begin to practise truly mutually beneficial business (truly good for the company and the customer).

Now I’ll turn this over to you, fellow bloggers:

  • What role do you think Twitter will (or can) play in product marketing?
  • Network building, scientific experiments, marketing and sales… what else is Twitter capable of?

June 15, 2009 - Posted by | Comment on Course Material

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