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Tweet Revolt against CNN

Hello all,

There were so many interesting posts on Net Effects this week, I really didn’t know what to blog about. But narrowed it down to a blog posts that make me re-examine  our traditional media.

Social media vs traditional media. It seems Twitter users are using the medium as a platform to showcase CNN’s decision to not broadcast the protests in Iran this week. Instead CNN covered the bankruptcy of a Six Flags and the lifestyle of bikers. Ummm… selective coverage? This non-coverage of a world major event has prompted Twitter users to take a moral protest towards CNN.

Morozov brings up the newest hot topic of citizen reporters. It seems CNN are picking and choosing the news stories they feel are relevant and would interest their viewers rather then covering the most recent breaking international news. Instead of relying on traditional news outlets to get the most up to date coverage, audiences are turning to social medias to get the real stories from real people experiencing and uploading their stories.

But as Morozov bring up, how reliable are these citizen reporters and if CNN won’t report the important international stories then who will? As suggested by Morozov, the US needs a government-funded news channel. This way information is based on relevance and not if the story will attract viewers and bring ratings up.

In Canada, we have Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) a government-funded media outlet and in England they have the BBC. Is it time that the States also invested in a non-sensationalized media channel so US citizens can begin to receive relevant and though-provoking news stories rather than bubblegum stories about L. Lohan and her recent escapades?

What did you think?



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  1. #cnnfail.

    Although I wouldn’t put too much stock in Twitter reflecting global conscious. However, I have been putting my faith in PBS and ‘viewers like you.’

    I think media is simply failing in general. CNN seems to be dedicating more resources to bring us what @slimhottie_438 thinks about the election in Iran than they are in delivering a respectable and informative newscast. I think we can officially bury journalistic integrity in Atlanta along with the animal that died on Rick Sanchez’ head.

    Comment by emjay08 | June 15, 2009 | Reply

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