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The List of Change

Last week, the Buzz Bin announced the launching of the List of Change – which ranks the top English-language change or cause related blogs. The great thing about the List of Change is that any blogger can submit their URL to potentially be part of the list. The List of Change is a collaborative effort between Geoff Livingston, programmer Shannon Whitley and Beth Kanter— a leading change blogger.

 The Team developed the initiative to help out the not for profit sector through creating a single point of aggregation for change blogs, which will help bloggers promote themselves and also benchmark their performance. The List will follow an opt-in ranking in which bloggers must submit their URL to become part of the ranking. The List of Change has no profit motivation, with no corporate affiliations, and it is the hopes of the team that the list will eventually move to the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s site. What a great initiative Geoff!

 Geoff updates that as of June 10th, the list includes 125 change blogs – 115 of which were added over the span of one week. The team still hopes to add to the List and improve on its function but for now the List will be used to help promote the 125 blogs.

 The List of Change is a great example of the power of blogging. While some people may feel like a blog is just that – a bunch of text someone puts online everyday, we often forget about all the bloggers out there that are trying to make a difference. Often times, the only reason we forget, is because we don’t know about them, and this list hopes to change that.

 To check out the List of Change click here!


June 15, 2009 - Posted by | Really Relevant Interesting Stuff, Review of Monitored Site

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