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In one corner we have Press Release in the competing corner Social Media…. Ding Ding Ding… let the battle begin

 As we all know, social media is the new hot thing in the PR, marketing world. People and organizations are using it to contact with one another so socializing purposes, to sending out a message. These new tools are chique, exciting and allowing practitioners to connect to their audience like never before.  But what will happen to the old fashion way of PR? What’s going to happen to the good old press releases?

In Lindsey Miller article: Is the R.I.P. for PR a trifle premature?  It discusses just that. She states that the PR industry is at significant crossroad due to the large part of social media, which has changed the way the profession has always worked. But the old ways are not working anymore. “The old ways of pitching journalists via press releases has largely fallen by the wayside as demand grows for multimedia content and interactive PR,” she stated. Personally, I have not seen the change all that much. In my past co-op job I still had to write press release. However, did I get a response… not so much. I agree with Lindsey that our society is based on creating new and better ways of communicating. Our lives are based around technology; to not embrace that, and not use it would be a mistake.

I understand that we are coming up with new ideas, but what about the traditional PR firms that do not have social media awareness? Fuat Kircaali, CEO and publisher of SYS-CON Media states  “70 percent of today’s traditional PR firms will not survive, while the remaining 30 percent will need to reinvent themselves.” Like we have been learning in class, these organizations well depend on us to show them the 2.0 way before their organizations become extinct. “The new PR companies won’t be putting out press releases and won’t be in the press release business,” Kircaali told via e-mail. “The PR firm of the future will employ professional bloggers who will use social media tools to get their message into the hands of their targeted audience. The press release business already belongs to the Stone Age.”

I raise this question; will the old PR pros survive, and change their way? Or will they be taken over by the new PR social media gurus?


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