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“Our Media is our message” & We are the media!

Interesting post on the Ascentum blog this week. Mary Pat MacKinnon writes about an essay by Heather Stilwell named Remixing Democratic Discourse: New Media and the End of ‘Read Only’. This is an interesting read and very relevant to the issues we are addressing in class. She writes the online networks offer

a powerful medium to give more citizens a voice within that system; one in which we need not speak apocalyptically of “the death” of traditional media, but where we instead look towards the future to a newer, freer media…a future where we no longer remain passive recipients of news and culture – the content of which was chosen and framed for us by a concentration of media companies whose interests may lie less with encouraging democratic freedom of expression, and more with their own financial success. A future where we are no longer told what to think, but where we are inspired to contribute to the discussion. A future that is no longer ‘read-only.'”

This quote sums up the future of social media, media and communication. I think it is incredibility exciting to have such a shift in media where our older generation had such little power to evoke change and knowing that the future generations will have the ability to participate in media.


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