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“Our Media is our message” & We are the media!

Interesting post on the Ascentum blog this week. Mary Pat MacKinnon writes about an essay by Heather Stilwell named Remixing Democratic Discourse: New Media and the End of ‘Read Only’. This is an interesting read and very relevant to the issues we are addressing in class. She writes the online networks offer

a powerful medium to give more citizens a voice within that system; one in which we need not speak apocalyptically of “the death” of traditional media, but where we instead look towards the future to a newer, freer media…a future where we no longer remain passive recipients of news and culture – the content of which was chosen and framed for us by a concentration of media companies whose interests may lie less with encouraging democratic freedom of expression, and more with their own financial success. A future where we are no longer told what to think, but where we are inspired to contribute to the discussion. A future that is no longer ‘read-only.'”

This quote sums up the future of social media, media and communication. I think it is incredibility exciting to have such a shift in media where our older generation had such little power to evoke change and knowing that the future generations will have the ability to participate in media.


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YAY! We officially got the scoop on social media evaluation!

This is great news. Martin Delaney gave an amazing presentation to our class today, I learned a lot. But what’s really interesting is that I already knew some of the information he presented. I guess I just thought there was more to it than there really is.

When Martin said, “participation is the new consumption”, it all really made sense. A Social media campaign really does have a different overall goal than a traditional marketing campaign. Rather than getting people to go out and consume or purchase a product, we really want people coming together to be a part of the process.

So when I thought about measurement and evaluation, I definitely considered most of the things Martin said. It was interesting to hear him compare “soft data” to “hard data”.  In the end your social media evaluation will most likely be comprised of narrative research; talking and listening. I think that in the past, marketers did care about what their customers felt about their brand, but never actually listened. Social media presents us with this incredible opportunity to have this discussion with people, basically free research to enhance marketing initiatives. It’s so exciting!

Martin’s six steps for tracking a social media campaign:

  1. Benchmark
  2. Traffic
  3. Engagement
  4. Brand
  5. Sales
  6. Loyalty

This was really helpful, not only for our current client projects, but I will definitely use this information when I go to my next co-op and out into the working world. I thank DeNel and Martin, this is exactly what I wanted to get out of this course, and everything else is practice and the cherry on the top.

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