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Tips for Social Media Success

This week I listened to The Dean’s Podcast (episode 6) about the use of social media in graduate recruitment. This was especially relevant because not only was I directed to it by Denel, but it relates to the topic of my communication plan for this class (MSVU’s MPR program).

The podcast features an interview with Noreen Golfman, Dean of Graduate Studies at Memorial University. The podcast is hosted by Carolyn Watters, Dean of Graduate Studies at Dalhousie. It’s a really interesting and relevant topic and I encourage you guys to check it out if you haven’t already.

Through the use of their new social media campaign, MUN increased the visitors to their site from 5000 to 38, 000 in the first 24 hours of its launch. Golfman offers a lot of advice about using social media for this target market, but her advice could be applied to anyone’s social media communication plan. Highlights include:

• Don’t just update your website – All of your online tools need to have a connection to each other and have the same main focus. There needs to be coherence among every link.

 • Make sure that everything is easy to navigate – Graduate students are “shopping” online for different programs so make sure that all information is available and accessible.

 • Stay on top of it – Keep everything up to date and current at all times.

 Hope some of this is helpful!


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