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The Motrin Mishap

Wow these women really told them what they thought!

In this suppose to be humorous commercial; Motrin was promoting their product towards mothers who were suffering from back pain from carrying their babies around. However, instead of getting positive feedback and reply, mothers all over the world did not approve of the content of this commercial and felt that this commercial was insensitive. These mothers flooded their views on Twitter and other social media tools to get their voices heard. After a couple of days, the “company issued an apology and withdrew an ad that was meant to be a light-hearted look at ‘baby wearing.’”

Although this video was pulled off air, this “Motrin Mom video Mishap” is finding its way around all my classes.  Not only is it one for our readings for this class but it also came up in our Public Relations and Gender class. After conducting an exercise for a product pitch towards women, the Motrin topic came up. Was this commercial created by a team of men, or by women? In the reading most of the viewers state that a mother would never come up with a commercial like that. Therefore, it only leaves us with men, or women without children.

Personally, I don’t think we can blame this on gender. If this commercial was created by men or by women the company obviously did not do their research to see what their target audience likes.

Any thoughts?


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