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Social Media Insurance?

Hot on the heels of Hilary’s latest post – public openess on the internet has garnered much more interest than I would have imagined. As we’ve heard so may times, we are living in a world that changes exponentially, and the changes that we are seeing in regards to social media, throughout this class alone, have been astounding. In a recent post on PR Conversations, author Kristen E. Sukalac discusses how social media has really arrived, so much in fact that people are inquiring about social media insurance. 

Kristen points to a recent e-newsletter by the American Automobile Association (or CAA for us Canucks) where headlines were “do I have coverage for saying stupid things on facebook” and “is my coverage up to par for blogging activities.” Basically suggesting that people want insurance over what they say online in case someone tries to sue them. While these inquires almost shock me, it is a real reminder that the internet is not just its own world, but that the ‘real’ world is transitioning onto the web. 

As mentioned in the post, this insurance inquiry, also has to make you wonder how the content on social media will change. As social media becomes more mainstream will it loose some of its original transparency, maybe some of its clout, as people become more cautious?

How the world continues to shock and terrify me…


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  1. It is kind of terrifying isn’t it?! I think you raise a valid point about how social media may change going forward. We’ve all been told that the future of the internet is unknown and that it’s really a waiting game at this point. It almost feels like it did waiting for the Millennium to hit and wondering whether to celebrate or say your goodbyes in fear of the end of the world. Okay, a little extreme, but alarming nonetheless. I think it’s likely that companies may become more cautious, less transparent and in turn less credible, but as long as we (the content generators) remain vigilant in exposing these unethical organizations we will be okay. As long as we have the capability to comment on questionable materials, red flag unattributed material and blog about our substantiated suspicions, we will keep the dialogue rolling and keep organizations in check. Here’s hoping anyway!

    Comment by hollyfleming | June 14, 2009 | Reply

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