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Your Secret’s Safe With the Internet

A recent post on SXSW made me really think about how the internet has developed into something much more than a place where people can get information from, add information to, or be entertained.

I’m aware that the internet has recently become a medium for people to share their thoughts, feelings, ideas and sometimes very personal stories, but I’m only just coming to the realization of the many different ways that people are able to do it.  Post Secret is a site that I love to check every Sunday, it’s a place where people anonomously send their secrets to on homemade postcards and they are then posted on the site.  It’s amazing what people will share.  The internet has almost become something that some people can trust even more than their closest friends.

Another type of “secret sharing” website was recently featured on SXSW. The 2009 Web Award winner in the category of Art- from traditional photography to untraditional resources was a site called Things I Have Learned in my Life, So Far.  It is a user generated content site, like PostSecret, where people were asked to upload their life stories whether it was typographically, in the form of a photo or a video. Essentially, it’s like an online diary, that people from across the world can contribute to. The site is amazing, full of great quotes, uplifting videos, photos and writing entries.  Here’s a cool video that was posted to the site:

Obviously people have embraced this form of revealing secrets, telling life stories or simply telling people what’s on their mind. The internet has made it possible for people to reach out and say things that they would normally keep to themselves. I believe this is a great thing for many people who are looking for a way to express themselves, but would not necessarily say it out loud.

On that note, I stole a styrofoam bowl from the cafeteria yesterday…



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