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Work Life Balance

One of the areas in life the Generation Y is supposed to be good at, is maintaining a great work life balance. A great example of this balance can be seen in my blog, Entitled.

The girl who writes the majority of the posts for the blog has not been writing since June 3rd and will not have another entry posted until June 22. She is gone on vacation and at first she is on a work related trip, she will be leaving from there is cruise through the Bahamas. She posted to say she is taking a real vacation and will not be checking her work or personal email and definitely not blogging while she is away.

I feel this is a great practice of some of the issues she speaks about on her blog. Generation Y is better at turning everything off than their predecessors when is comes to taking time off. We understand the benefits and need for time off and complete time off. We work for it and enjoy when it comes and enjoy turning off the work part of our life.

This is not to say we do not work hard when we are at work. It simply means we know how to relax when we aren’t there. We understand the idea of leaving work at the office and we are also really good working to live and not living to work.


June 8, 2009 - Posted by | Review of Monitored Site

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