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Are we losing our voices?

As PR practitioners, we are constantly searching to find our voice, and the voice of others. Finding your voice will differentiate you from others; it is what makes you a weak, ok or great writer. This week on the Community Marketing Blog, an article caught my interest. It might have had to with the fact that this American based blog mentioned Prince Edward Island. But as I kept reading, PEI had nothing to do with it. The blogger, Doug Hall, was questioning if social media affects your voice.

In his post, Why instant feedback on the internet can be BAD, he says “Instead of saying what I believed – I was writing based on what I thought the audience wanted. The result was a “dumbing down” of my messages. And, a lack of authenticity.”

This is a bit alarming, what is social media doing to our future? Is our intelligence really creating us to become dumb? When looking at tools such as Twitter or Facebook, people are updating their status as if it’s going out of style. With 140 characters, you can’t say much so instead of using proper English, a new lingo is created. Also, people seem to start to write only what they believe others want to hear. I feel this is making people become superficial. This makes you wonder, if people are losing their critical thinking skills to social media? By not writing what you believe and simply what you feel others want to hear, you don’t need to think much since in today’s society we are bombarded with what messages we should think.

On another note…

The results are in! With over 40 bloggers who entered the blog-off contest, a winner has been announced. Over a two week period, 12 bloggers posted on the Community Marketing Blog. However, there is not one defined winner. Instead, the 12 bloggers will be invited to contribute on a weekly basis. So, what was the point of the contest if there was no winner?

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  1. Hi Stéphanie,

    Great post! Really got me thinking…

    SO before beginning on this PR journey at the Mount I completed a BA in English at Memorial. One of the reasons I decided to join the PR program was because I thought it would be a practical way to apply the writing, research and analytical skills this degree had taught me.

    Although an English background has been quite helpful, there certainly is a great divide between academic writing and PR writing. In both instances you have to be mindful of your audience. If you’re writing an academic paper you have to use high-level language because it is for a professor. If writing a news release or feature piece you have to write at a level that the average person in the public will be able to understand.

    In saying this and in response to your post, I’m not quite sure that it’s social media exactly that is making us “dumb down” or messaging or rather if it has always been the way of the PR practitioner to position messaging in a way that would be accessible to the masses.

    Definitely something I will think about going into the future. Thanks!

    Comment by traceyboland | June 14, 2009 | Reply

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