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I have been making posts about this quite a bit lately but the idea of “offline” and “online” is very interesting to me.  In our last class we had Harold Simons Skype into our class to discuss the idea of using social media for internal communications.

To me the idea of Second Life and other virtual worlds put red flags up all over the place because they aren’ t reality. I really enjoy the idea of face to face interaction and even more so when it refers to the corporate world.  I believe Skype is another social media tool and do not understand why people aren’t more willing to use it for meetings when they are on opposit sides of the world.  I believe Skype is another extension of technology which can further the effiency of a corporation.

I feel like I am beating this subject to death, I just feel as though human interaction is very important. Espeically in the field we are entering, I feel as though with the explosion of social media we really need to be aware of ways to intergrate the two areas. I think Skype is a perfect example of ways in which we can intergrate the two-way communication of social media and the human interaction people will begin to crave.


June 7, 2009 - Posted by | Comment on Course Material

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