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Monday’s class I found extremely engaging and guest speakers Ben Boudreau and Kimberly Walsh were very engaging. It was very beneficial to hear their different perspectives regarding social media. I found it interesting how they presented their blog project that they run together as an example of how viral social media tools, such as blogs can be. It reminded me of a blog my mother created last march. The blog was based around Juno, a foster cat my mom took in through the Antigonish SPCA who was abandoned and pregnant. The blog was called “Juno’s Diary” and told the story of Juno’s time at mom’s house while pregnant up until all the kittens and Juno herself was adopted. The Blog became a hit locally but also picked up attempted across the world, and also got media coverage on CBC radio. What started out as a fun hobby for mom, became an opportunity to educated people about such issues as adopting animals, general pet care and spay and neutering your pets.

 The section of the class related to Twitter was extremely hands on and we got to see for ourselves just how fast things spread in the online world. The creation of a fake product, and the promotion of it on Twitter, triggered a frenzy of haters, supporters and sometimes just people wanting more info. And the tables turned when people found out the Kermit Card was made up. People were in no way inhibited in voicing their opinions on the matter and every second a new tweet popped up with a different opinion, a different voice.

 Like many others in the class, I kept thinking about how much time people spend focused on Twitter, and just how seriously people read into “tweets”. I am still pretty new to Twitter and only use it for personal/social use.  I generally do not think what I say on Twitter will be a source of insight for all my followers, then again – I am new to it and am still exploring different ways to use it. Overall, it was interesting to see how fast information is exchanged and how, if monitored, it can provide opportunities for organizations/people to clear up misconceptions and provide correct information.

I had to laugh while watching a new episode of the Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, in which he poked fun of the Twitter Madness right now, particularly around celebrities on Twitter.  His “Twitter Tracker” segment involved an uncanny voice telling Conan the best Tweets from celebrities. I had to agree with Conan’s indifference towards Twitter, who really cares what Asten Kutcher is picking up at the grocery store or how Miley Cyrus is in the line at Starbucks. Its astonishing how much people rely on these tweets to feel like celebrities are “just like them”. After all, it’s like their managers or assistants posting the tweets anyways.

 As for Twitter, when used properly it could be a great tool to disperse information quickly and reliably, but for me personally my life is not tweet worthy….yet.


June 7, 2009 - Posted by | Comment on Course Material

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