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Skype for Business Use – Why or Why Not?

Before today’s class, I had never used Skype. I knew about it and understood how it worked, many of my friends use it to keep in touch while travelling abroad, and my brother uses it to keep in touch with his friends in England, but for some reason I just wasn’t jumping on the bandwagon.

Having Harold Simons give our class a lecture via Skype was an eye opening (and enjoyable!) experience. Out of all of the different technological tools that we study in class, Skype seems to be the most practical and useful one thus far. When Denel mentioned that many Skype users choose it as an alternative to long distance telephone calls, I was surprised once again- I hadn’t really looked at it that way.

So I decided to do a little more research into the Skype phenomenon and found out that many businesses are taking advantage of this new technology for meetings, seminars, etc. One of the more interesting articles I found compared the positive aspects of Skype for business use with the negative aspects. The article gets a little bit technical, but raises some interesting points. Which made me wonder what you guys think.  Is it something that you guys have worked with on any of your work terms? Will Skype become the next great office tool?


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  1. Today was my first experience with Skype was well and I was also really impressed. I have a lot of friends who use it since everyone has spread out across the country and we are for the most part living on a student budget!
    With the continued discussion on Second Life and virtual tools linking the global market I don’t really understand why the idea of “skyping” meetings would be better than virtual worlds or even conference calls.
    I think Skype is a great use of modern day technology to link people who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity.

    Comment by katiemacnevin | June 3, 2009 | Reply

  2. I’ve had a very positive experience with Skype. I used it when I was away on my first co-op in Ottawa to communicate (for free) with my friends and family. I didn’t (at the time) have a web cam so it was basically just to talk to my friends like a phone call. I got really used to it and began using it to connect with friends living out west. I love it. I think it’s a very cost effective way to communicate, whether personally or professionally.

    Then on my second work-term, we used video conferencing everyday for the communications meeting. At CNS they work very closely with Queen’s Printer (QP), and everyday the communications team would gather and video conference with QP to collaborate projects, so everyone knew who was working on what, specific deadlines, and to divide projects among team members. It was very effective.

    Although it wasn’t skype, rather an instant messaging platform, it is the same idea. It was free, everyone was able to meet in one space (online) and we could make jokes, see peoples expressions, sing happy birthday and communicate work to one another.

    Having used Skype in the classroom, it confirms my support for Skype. I think having Harold talk to the class was an invaluable experience. He brought a lot of knowledge to our class and I would recommend other professors consider using Skype for guest speakers etc.

    Thanks again to DeNel and Harold!


    Comment by kbslice | June 6, 2009 | Reply

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