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Twitter and discovering psychic ability… SERIOUSLY!

As a follow-up to one of my last posts, I’ve decided to take plunge and make my very own Twitter account (click here to follow me!).

Listening to our guest speakers yesterday and participating in their Twitter activity made me think of Twitter in a whole new light. The whole idea of using “hash tags” to organize tweets and thus participate in discussions really piqued my interest.  I was aware that they existed, but seeing them used in practice with the Kermit Card example really opened my eyes. As a new speck in the “Twitterverse”, I’ve decided to approach this new technology as a learning tool.

When I logged in to our blog today, this thought was solidified for me by what came up on the home page: A link to Richard Wiseman’s blog, a blog that is helping conduct the first ever scientific Twitter experiment! (To follow this experiment on Twitter, click here)

According to Richard, “The experiment will examine the possible existence of ‘remote viewing’ – the alleged ability to psychically identify a distant location.” The entire experiment will be conducted over Twitter, using only Tweets to communicate. I’m sorry, but I just think this is SO COOL – I will totally be following this, and I highly recommend that all of you do, too. If this experiment is successful, it will provide researchers with a whole new way of conducting social and scientific experiments – we’re witnessing history in the making!

To reiterate, I now interpret Twitter as a fantastic learning tool.  Of course there’s a lot of (often useless) noise to avoid, but I think that by following the right people and being involved in the right conversations, there is a tremendous amount of value in such a technology.


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