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Social Media… Where do we start?

I have to say that I found today’s class very interesting. Social Media has so many avenues and opportunities, but where do you draw the line? When do you end? Where do you start? Social Media brings up so many questions on the way we communicate.

After class, I was thinking of our conversation on government communications. Having done two co-ops at the federal level, I have seen bureaucracy at its best. The process to get a simple snetence approved is so tidious. It makes me wonder if even baby steps will change how social media is integrated in the work being done. With Social Media moving at lightning speed and governement moving at the speed of a turtle, there is a total disconnect. If proceedures don’t change, I feel that it is difficult for governement to join the social media world.

Just look at our province. Yes parties are using social media. Are they doing a good job? NO! This is probably in part due to the proceedures they have to follow. Think about it. Social Media sites like Twitter are being updated every second but it can take two weeks to get a release or a letter , speech approved.




June 2, 2009 - Posted by | Comment on Course Material

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