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We only have a six month life span…

This week on Community Marketing Blog, things havent changed much. The first story hasn’t been updated in over a two weeks. Where are the blog-off contestants to keep the page current? Needless to say, there is no mention of the blog-off contest on the blog. After exploring the blog a bit more, I found that other stories on the feed were more recent however having an out-dated feed as the first story throws off the reader.

One of the recent post however caught my eye. The Wild World of Blogs was posted on May 29, 2009. Throughout this article, the author discusses blogs and their lifespan. According to Rich Brogan, a blog has a lifespan of six months. This got me thinking, why do blogs only last six months? Due to the nature social media, we know that every day new technologies are being created making the virtual world very complex. This can sometimes make it difficult to keep up with blogs. If you think about it, blogs are expecting us to automatically fall in love with a blog and stay connected. Unfortunately, we are only human and sometimes its difficult to update blogs daily. Bloggers need to be thinking creatively and have deep thoughts. Are we asking for too much?

I thought this article was relevant since we are using a blog for this course.

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