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Second Life, Last Choice

In one of my Introduction to Public Relations classes, we had a brief introduction to Second Life. Our professor seemed pretty into it and from that brief introduction I could see that it had potential to be a great social tool if not a professional one. The video she showed us lauded it as a great business tool and the way to communicate for the future. At the time (only two years ago) it seemed so futuristic and beyond anything I might do in my PR career. I don’t feel that way anymore.

 After getting to try it out for myself in class this past week I have formed some new opinions on this unique social media tool. I feel like Second Life isn’t quite “there” yet in terms of being a great business tool. Perhaps I merely need more experience with it or something. However, upon first inspection, I don’t think I would enjoy or feel very professional meeting with people through this portal. Especially since there are other technologies today that could substitute using Second Life. For example, video conferencing and Skype are better alternatives. With such alternatives one can better put a name to a face and the meeting becomes more personable though the group may physically be miles apart.

Growing up with two brothers I was exposed to many video games. My least favourite of these were role-playing games. Starting out in Second Life I was immediately turned off because it felt like just another RPG to me. I can see this being great for someone who is into those kinds of games, but I could not get into it. I do understand that there are benefits of Second Life for PR professionals. If my job called for this type of communication I’m glad that I’ll be able to have a background in it, but it definitely would not be my first choice.


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