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First Life versus Second Life

It seems that the general concensus about second life is that people prefer their first life.  I have to question whether this is because it’s a new world and sometimes we’re hesitant to “new” or if it’s because they genuinely value face-to-face communication.  Personally, I can see how Second Life could become so addicting it actually because your First Life.  I spent so much time worrying about whether the tint of my skin was right or the tilt of my eye that I completely lost myself in the “game” for lack of a better word.  I wanted to shop, I wanted to sit in front of night clubs and make money for it, I wanted to meet on the beach and grab a tan while we discussed how we were going to help the MSVU Grad program through social media.  And then I realized that I wasn’t real.  It was a very strange sort of epiphany. It made me realize that just as my world can sometimes revolve around facebook, my world could very easily begin to revolve around Second Life and how well my avatar is living.  And I don’t necessarily thing that’s a bad thing, to a certain extent of course.

I have friends who are really huge World of Warcraft players.  Quite literally their worlds revolve around. She is a registered nurse who worked at the QEII, he was in school to become an actuary.  They were married, living in Clayton Park West, had a great car and thriving.  She called out of work and no long has a job, he failed 8 out of 10 classes and they spent their entire day and night on WoW.  It sounds made up but I swear to you, it’s 100% real.  They spent so much time living in the virtual world, worrying about their avatars’ world that they forgot to worry about the real world and how their own life was going.

But then I started to think about it from an organizational point of view.  I’m preparing to help launch a new pyromusical competition in the USA and as I thought about what Second Life could do for us I started to get excited. I don’t know a lot about the logistics of it yet but I’m fairly certain it’s possible to open your own business. And I’m fairly certain that I would be able to reach an entirely different audience on Second Life that I may never have been able to tap into other wise, people like my friends who rarely leave their computer rooms let alone have the ambition to venture out and experience the real world. If I  could hook them on the idea of pyromusical fireworks via Second Life, how could they refuse the real thing?  That’s if I can figure the game out long enough to actually succeed though.

I guess all in all I’m on the fence. I absolutely see the addiction, both for personal reasons and professional.  But I have not only imagined the draw backs but seen them. Ultimately I suppose the old addage is correct, “everything in moderation.”


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  1. Hi – enjoyed your post. Interesting thoughts re: Second Life.

    Seems like a lot of fun can be had just representing your “first life” (as you say) through social media anyway.

    By the way, it was great to meet you and the rest of the class yesterday. Good luck with the blog.

    Comment by martin | June 11, 2009 | Reply

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