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Finding Middle Ground

This week on the Hobson and Holtz report our friends Neville and Shel addressed the age old issue of attorneys versus communicators.  It always seemed to me that this hate we have on for attorneys just plays into the cliche of the rest of the world hating them as well. But after tuning into the podcast it started me thinking what a conundrum it must actually be to be sitting in a room with a CEO, a team of lawyers and you trying to tell everyone to fess up when they mess up.   I always tried to have an empathetic point of view when we had discussions about the evils of lawyers.  I mean, it’s their job to make sure the company isn’t screwing itself legally by saying “I’m sorry you felt that way”  while it’s our job to make everyone understand that there are much further reaching organizational image implications beyond the verdict of a trial.

I guess their podcast really got me thinking.  And I’ve come to the conclusion that everyone needs to learn how to compromise.  We always think we’re right. They always think they’re right.  The reality is the that “right” is probably somewhere in the middle.  Yes, we understand the importance of taking responsiblity when things don’t got as smoothly as planned.  This was clearly illustrated when Exxon wasn’t upfront about their oil spill years ago. To this day my mother, and I’m sure countless others, won’t buy gas from any station that is associated with Exxon.  However, the lawyers probably have a point when they say “If you apologize because someone got their feelings hurt, you’re going to look guilty and pay out millions.”

Now really, I don’t personally have any experience in attorney/communicator debates, but it’s something to think about.


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