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Still like my real life

As the world becomes revolves more around technology, people are finding more way to communicate and also express themselves/be themselves. There are many different programs found on the Internet these days were people are given the opportunity to have an “online” life.

In Wednesday class, I was very interested in creating my own avatar, (changing my hair, clothes, body). I also enjoyed exploring the different worlds, flying and interacting with the class. However, like Bethany mentioned, my online world began to be uncomfortable when I started to meet other people. I was caught in the middle of a conversation with two other avatars (that I didn’t know) talking about a girl across the room. I started to wonder if they looked and acted the same way offline.

I am open to new ways of communication, and I do understand that technology is making it easier for people to meet for personal and for business reasons. But I also think that it is important that technology and personal interaction (face-to-face) need to work together. In the reading The electric self: doing virtual research or real in second life, by Julie Rak

 It describes Second life as a place “where it is possible to interview for a job in the offline world (but as your online persona)” Personally, I believe that interviews should be kept face-to-face to actually meet. Anyone can be whom that want on the internet. Sometimes when meeting face to face you learn more about a person. 

I leave you with this question. In a few years, will Second Life be “real life? Will personal/ face-to-face interaction matter anymore?


May 30, 2009 - Posted by | Comment on Course Material

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