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The now now now Generation

The blog I am following, Entitled, follows two women who are basically my age maneuver through their jobs as the new Generation Y employees.

They discuss the new challenges faced by both Baby Boomers and Generation Ye’ers to learn to work together.  Are people our age entering the work force there seems to be misconceptions about our drive and capability to figure anything out on our own.

People often call our generation the “now” generation, saying we always want something right this instant and get bored if we don’t get it right away. This is somewhat of a true statement because with technology we are able to get things right away. Waiting was no something we had to do a lot of growing up.

This said there are a lot of misconceptions about our generation in the work place stating we are spoon fed and lazy. I along with the Entitled bloggers do not feel this is true. There is a more work, life balance with our generation but this does not mean we are not able to handle working more than one project at a time or are slower at completing a project.

I am glad to be a Generation Y’er and see many benefits to being from a generation who works hard and believes they can find the answers to their questions right now.


May 29, 2009 - Posted by | Review of Monitored Site

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  1. Hey Katie,

    Your post really really spoke to me. I’m actually reading a book now called 20 Something Manifesto: Quarter-Lifers Speak Out about Who They Are, What They Want, and How to Get it. It’s kind of like a Chicken Soup for the Soul type book with real life experiences from 20-somethings. The author, Christine Hassler even has a regular podcast that talks about the many stereotypes of our generation and how to overcome or at deal with the generational differences in the workplace. Just thought I’d pass it along…
    You can check it out at:


    Comment by hollyfleming | June 1, 2009 | Reply

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