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Are your grandparents on Facebook?

This week while monitoring IMR I came across a piece about seniors going online, Are you on Facebook? Seniors and new communication technologies ( The article features some interesting facts, like 46% of all seniors over the age of 65 are active internet users.


We always talk about the impact that the online world and social media will have on our generation, but what about the impact that it’s having on other generations? The video that accompanies this article takes the viewer inside an old age home where the residents are being introduced to different technologies. The seniors are embracing this new technology, rather than trying to hide from it which I thought was very cool.


The article goes on to talk about different forms of online technology (Facebook, MySpace, Online Communities, Avatars, etc.) but all from the point of view of a senior citizen. It’s an interesting perspective on social media from a totally new angle. It’s definitely an article worth checking out. 


May 29, 2009 - Posted by | Review of Monitored Site

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  1. Nicole, great post! While I don’t have grandparents, let alone those who use Facebook, I do have a mother. And a father. And an older brother. All on the other side of that generation gap that separates us.

    I find it disconcerting as a consumer of social media that my really not-that-hip mother is sitting down uploading videos of her grandchildren and Yorkie, but the little PR practitioner inside of me jumps up and down with glee. Just imagine, if seniors and the baby boomers are using social media, there really isn’t a public that can’t be reached! The possibilities are endless for those with an inquisitive mind to try and get that message out across the generation gaps.

    Comment by heatherjchafe | May 31, 2009 | Reply

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