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Is technology taking over the world?!

Is technology taking over the world?!

There were only two new entries this week on PR Conversations one on the Vatican’s PR efforts and the other on communications relation to corporate trust.

 The latter was an interesting compellation of quotes, lessons learned and statistics on public trust. Information was provided from theEdelman Barometer of Trust and their perception of the relationship between communications and corporate trust, as well as lessons learned from the Maple Leaf Foods Listeria outbreak.

Main points include Maple Leaf’s incredible crisis communication and its ability to retain public trust, and the Edelman Barometer of Trust findings 2009.

 Industry sectors most trusted in Canada:

1. Technology 67%
2. Biotech/life sciences 57%
3. Health care sector 59%
4. Food 54%
5. Banks 53%

 It was interesting to see that technology was the most trusted sector in the country and especially interesting when you consider the most trusted sources:

Traditional Information Sources
1. Stock or industry analyst reports 52%
2. Articles in business magazines 50%
3. Conversations with your friends and peers 42%
4. Conversations with company employees 41%
5. Television news coverage 40%

 My first reaction: machines are taking over the world!!!

I guess I was shocked at this information, but the more I thought about it the more I connected it with our class discussions.

 The stats prove that people are more willing to believe reports and technologies over their own friends and colleagues. It get’s back to our discussion on Wikipedia and other tools and how/why ‘experts’ are considered to be more credible than friends and traditional media sources. As practitioners it’s important for us to understand this shift and to find ways to maintain relevant and connected with public trust. I

 Thoughts? Suggestions?

 Over and out.



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