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“Making a pitch? Try following rules for dating” the does and don’ts.

This week on my blog, I found a post that relates how to make a pitch and the rules about dating. The author keeps the tips short and humorous, but also interesting points which helps further and former media relation practitioners.

The following are the tips:

1. Call, baby: If you are going to pick up the phone and call, have something intelligent and interesting to say. Know a little about the person you are calling. With reporters, be ready to reference a recent article; with a potential date it is always helpful to be aware of the win-loss record of their favorite team. 

2. Do not make it all about you: Ask about what the reporter is writing (or what the date prospect is working on) … and better yet, what else they read. This will get you to interview (date) No. 2, rather than leaving you dead in the water after the first. 

3. Know when to walk away: Recognize the disingenuous Call me back later. Journalists, like some people you date, will sometimes lie in order to let you down easy. Get your lie-dar going and always be straightforward with journalists (dates). They appreciate it. 

4. Do not use any stupid pickup lines: Have a point. Say it. Enough said. 

5. Do not filibuster: We have all sat across from the guy/gal/not-sure-which talking on and on and on … and on. That is the last thing a journalist wants to hear on the other end of the phone or during the lunch he took the time to have with your client. Deliver your message. Illustrate it. Move on to the next one. Repeat. (Dates like that as well.)

6. Make that date already: Set up the interview, and get the heck off the phone. Never dillydally or think the strength of a relationship is measured by the how many minutes you spent on the phone. You both know why you are talking — in both cases.

7. Be considerate: Never — ever — call during deadline or when the date is in the shower. Or at 5 p.m. on Friday. Or in the middle of the night (date wise). Offer to have your client do the interview over the weekend if it helps the journo out. Be flexible with both parties!

8. Do not compromise integrity: If the story does not fit, or if you could never see yourself with this guy or gal for more than a couple of shoddy minutes, do not try to make it work. Walk away and look for the better fit now. 

9. Make a lasting impression: Position the client appropriately, and personalize your story angle. Talking about the CEO as the CEO is not going to get you anywhere. Use first names. With dates, use nicknames. 

10. Show intelligence: Nobody likes an idiot. I have said what everyone is thinking.


Personally, some of these points seem like common since, however I believe that it is important for all PR professionals to know the do and don’ts about making a pitch. I would just add one more tip though… Don’t be too needy. Being needy just turns people off in professional and personal encounters and makes them think “maybe this person isn’t so secure..

Can anyone else think of any tips to add???


May 28, 2009 - Posted by | Review of Monitored Site

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