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Sticking to Real Life

After reading Julie Rak’s The Electric Self: Doing virtual research for real in second life, I was excited to try it out today in class. Rak quotes Stephen Meadows stating in Second Life  “to think of an avatar as “a machine that is attached to the psychology of its user”.

This made me think of Second life as an extension of ourselves to communication as a compliment to real life. It seems the next logical step in the transition of mediums for communication from print, broadcast, web 2.o and now a virtual world. After reading in Rak’s article of the possibilies in second Life, I was excited to start and see the possibilities for upcoming clients.

However, after trying it out today I have reservations of suggesting this experience to a client. There was a HUGE learning curve for figuring out how to work the aviator and I was unsure what to do once we ventured out into other spaces besides our safe home space. However after looking through a few islands and spaces, I could see the opportunities for those tech-savy individuals. The unlimited space for business to set -up shop is not limited by geographic location and the availability for meeting with others is endless.

However, for myself I think I will stick with real life meetings or at least over Facebook or MSN. I have yet to throw in the towel on Second Life, but will leave it at least for a few days until I attempt to live in-world again.

What was everyone else’s experiences like?


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