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No thanks, I like my first life

Today’s exercise in second life was very interesting, informative and somewhat unsettling.  At first it was fun picking out my avatar and making funny gestures to others in the class but when I went to explore other worlds I became very uneasy. I went to a world with a tropical island; I was impressed with the graphics and the imagination behind the creation of these places. I was wondering around all alone when I saw an image of another avatar standing on a dock. She was an overtly sexual Amazon women avatar. I walked up to her then she flung herself on a bench tossed her hair back. I stood there not sure what to do. She said “Hello Bethany”…… (First mistake using my actual name.) This freaked me out. In not sure why or what I expected but I had no desire to speak to this stranger or even know how to. We both stood there looking at each other until I panicked and quickly raised my hand to ask the instructor how to get back home. This made me wonder. Why was this girl there all alone? Was she just waiting for someone to come along? Who does this sort of thing? Where do they find the time? I find myself failing at juggling my first life.


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  1. I agree Bethany, at first I thought the second life thing was really fun but it quickly became unsettling. It’s almost like a whole other world, and I understand how it could be a useful tool in the professional world, but it still seems a little bit out there. Within five minutes of using Second Life, I accidentally took off my skirt and removed my hair and took flight – not so realistic, or professional for that matter.

    I think that it is a great social media tool and a great display of technology, I just think that it might be a bit before its time.

    Comment by nveitch | May 29, 2009 | Reply

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