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But I like E-Mail

There has not been an new blog posted this week on the Ascentum web site so I went back though the archives to find a post by team member Joseph Peters called Facebook is here, let’s work with it, posted March 12th 2009. He was referring to an article in the Globe & Mail named “The medium is no longer the message” by Omar Akkad. The article speaks about social networking sites such as facebook soaring in popularity and surpassing E-Mail in online activity. Both the posting and article say that organizations need to start using more social networking within the organization. I think there is a place for social networking but I do not think it should replace e-mail. Personally I find elements of facebook very distracting when I am trying to a simple task of directly sending a message to someone. I start looking at pictures and updates which is wasting time or in the case of an organization paid time.


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  1. so really, the medium is actually more the message than ever before?

    Comment by doctor d | June 12, 2009 | Reply

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