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Is time going backwards?

I know time is going by quickly, and that we probably all wish we could stretch out the six weeks of classes a little longer, or at least make time go by slower at times. But as far as I know going back in time is not possible. Today when I went to check the Community Marketing Blog, the first thing I noticed was that these bloggers do believe they can go back in time.

Stories do not follow a chronological order. Although the the story headline is timely, “How Is Your Company Out-Smarting The Recession?“, the first line of this article reads “This Friday May 22nd we will be… “Posted on May 21st, the story is already dated. I did not really question this until I saw what date the next story in the feed had been posted. Posted on May 26, the blog entries no longer followed a chronological order. I had to comment on this as it seemed a little off. By having a story that is already dated as the first story and then the next story with today’s day throws off the reader. At first I thought I must be on the wrong page. I don’t know what you’re thoughts are on this but I feel that by having an already dated story as your first one may turn away readers from the blog.

Before I end my comment, some of you might be wondering what is happening with the blog-off contest. This week has been the busiest week out of all the weeks I have been following the blog. And after reading the beginning of a few articles, I began questioning this contest. Was having a blog-off contest such a great idea? Personally, I don’t feel it is. Humans are of competitive nature and some will go through great lengths to win. The same is happening in on the blog. Titles are becoming a lot testier and stories have a more self promoting tone as the blogger wants to win. Now, if I recall, anyone can post on the blog as long as if the story does not self-promote or advertise. Seems to me that the participants are doing just that: self-promoting. How can this be helping the blog?



May 26, 2009 - Posted by | Review of Monitored Site

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