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Naked Airlines and the Green Movement

In looking at the Buzz Bin this week, the post dated May 21st talks about the latest buzz surrounding a new ad for Air New Zealand, which shows staff painted naked. This concept was built around the idea that the organization is transparent and has no hidden airline fees. The “nothing to hide” idea is directly linked to its air fares, but also to its organization philosophy to be transparent and social media is being utilized to help market this philosophy. Geoff Livingston says of the organization, “Social media is about being you and Air New Zealand definitely feels comfortable showing its character”. This just goes to show that social media should be used to its fullest potential to get people’s attention. This organization knows who they are and is not afraid to spread their messages in ways that people will me sure to respond to. Livingstone supports this gutsy move stating, “you can’t please everybody all the time, unless you are saying nothing at all. And at that point you’re just not marketing – at least not well”.

In the world of social media there is so much creative freedom and so many messages out there, so it pretty much forces organizations to be creative in how they present their messages.

Another post which caught my interest as Livingston’s commentary on the Green movement, dated May 17th. He emphasises the challenge of changing behaviours and getting people to change their lifestyles to truly be “green” which ties into my discussion of online activism. He states that there are 3 hurdles to overcome before the green movement will be fully adopted by the public. First he states that most green products and services are not yet accepted because they are unproven and expensive. Secondly Livingston says that with the green movement, the Good Samaritan approach (“it’s the right thing to do”) isn’t quite enough to encourage people to act anymore. And thirdly he states that an attitude that green isn’t cool still exists – despite the fact that it IS the right thing to do. Overall, Livingston thinks that green companies simply need to make their products more appealing and attractive to users, in order for there to be a move forward.

In looking at both these posts I wonder if environmental groups and companies could learn something from Air New Zealand and perhaps strive to become more effective in their messaging in a way that grabs people’s attention. After all, the commercial with naked stewardesses and baggage handlers definitely caught my attention, if I ever have the chance to fly with them, I will!



May 25, 2009 - Posted by | Really Relevant Interesting Stuff, Review of Monitored Site

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  1. Cool marketing idea, definitely eye catching, but is it really all in all appropriate? I dunno, maybe I’m just a massive prude, totally possible, but should naked bodies really be used as eye catching marketing tools? Don’t we have more respect for ourselves than that? Or have we just been so desensitized as a society that resorting to shock marketing is the only way that companies can catch our eyes anymore? And will naked bodies on a billboard actually convince me to fly Air New Zealand even if I can catch a cheaper flight with a next airline over? And even if it does, is it really worth it after I’ve stripped the dignity from several models?

    Just something to think about. I’m not saying it’s wrong necessarily. I’m just saying before we start to applaud companies for being so “creative” and being so “out of the norm” shouldn’t we take a step back and take a long look at the implications. Perhaps there is a reason why it’s out of the norm right?

    Comment by deehopkins | May 25, 2009 | Reply

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