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Little bit of history repeating…

The wheels started turning when I was reading Birdsall’s Web 2.0 as a Social Movement for the class readings.

As Birdsall points out “the right to communicate” is as important today as the previous right to freedom of opinion and expression. I believe these all are true, in today’s world we should have the right not only to freedom of speech, but the right to communicate. However when Birdsall mentions larger telecommunications companies allowing faster computer connections to only those who can pay for it, this brings us back once again to the age old predicament of those with the wealth have the information and power.

Just as the printing press in 15th century suddenly allowed those who could afford books, the ability to learn and gain knowledge. This kept those who could not afford books to stay uneducated and content in the lives they were living, not knowing what else was out there.

Today it is still happening. Those that have money, have the ability to communicate. We in Canada have money that folks in some countries couldn’t even fathom. We are able to own computers or at least have access to computers through schools and libraries. However for many this is not a reality. For millions their main concern is to sustain life.  Even in Nova Scotia, many families do not have access to the kinds of technology that many of us take for granted.

The cycle of information and power staying in the wealthy ranks seems to be continuing and developing today. Those who have the wealth have the information and can now better communicate this knowledge with each other.

Although it is important to keep the rights we have and should fight for the right to communicate, perhaps we should also focus on the right for all people to have access to opinions, expressions and have the ability to communicate. If not, we continue the cycle of keeping knowledge and power from those who simply, can not afford it.


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