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Hey SocialMediaGroup, Update Your Darn Blog

I’m monitoring the blog for Social Media Group (SMG). So far, it hasn’t been an overly wearisome task to keep up with the site’s updates. In fact, the same blog entry has been greeting visitors since May 12, when I began monitoring it.

The current entry is titled Microsoft to Sponsor May 12 TGGD. The article is a last-minute plug for a Toronto Girl Geek Dinner (TGGD) that took place on the evening of May 12. 

TGGDGirl Geek Dinners are monthly events that feature expert panelists to teach young women and others about new technology. The dinners are held around the world in casual pub settings and are open to everyone. The concept sounds extremely cool. Maybe our class could work on developing something similar in Halifax. It might be a fun class side project…but I digress.

Back to my beef with SMG. I think it’s pretty upsetting that SMG has not only failed to update its blog in nearly two weeks, but is providing visitors with old, irrelevant information when they enter the website. With the TGGD event already passed, Toronto-area visitors may make the mistake of reading the post, getting excited about the Dinner and planning to attend, only to find that it’s too late. (To SMG’s credit, the post does serve the purpose of advertising to future Dinners, but only if interested visitors take the time to follow the link to the TGGD main website.)

As a national leader in social media, SMG should set a better example for its current and potential clients. One of the chief advantages of social media is the speed and ease at which its users can update and share information. Part of SMG’s mandate is to show client companies the advantages of social media tools, when they are used properly. Failure to update a blog frequently does not constitute proper or effective use, especially for a self-proclaimed social-media leader.

Get with the program SMG—after all, it’s your program.

How frequently do you think social media leaders/advocates should update their blogs? What about social media-savvy businesses? Regular Joes?


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  1. You’re right – you’re right! We have been struggling to keep our blog relevant and updated. The irony of course is that the reason it’s been such a challenge is that we’re so busy with REAL client work, and our clients take precedence over self-promotion, fortunately/unfortunately (depending on your perspective).

    Nevertheless, thanks for the poke – you’re right, we should be setting a better example!

    Comment by maggiefox | May 25, 2009 | Reply

  2. Thanks for the comment! I’m glad to hear that you’ve been busy with lots of client work–what you do is so important for companies striving to communicate in the ever-evolving virtual world. I can definitely see why self-promotion would come second.

    I’d love to see more updates on the work you’re doing with clients! A quick blurb here and there about current projects/successes would be an easy way to keep your blog relevant and updated. Plus, it would promote you and your clients simultaneously. I’m not sure what your privacy policies are regarding your work with clients, but it would be so cool, from a student’s perspective (mine) to see how your various projects unfold, the challenges you encounter, etc.

    I’ll keep you tagged in my posts monitoring your website… And I’ll try to keep my pokes to a minimum!

    Comment by mostlyheather | June 2, 2009 | Reply

  3. […] Hey SocialMediaGroup, Update Your Darn Blog…,  SMG’s Founder and CEO Maggie Fox replied: “You’re right – you’re right! We have been struggling to keep our blog relevant and […]

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  4. It is incredibly difficult to keep blogs up-to-date! I know from experience. Your post, mostlyheather, demonstrates what we talked about in class: there has to be a plan to assign people to be responsible for their maintenance. I’m glad you got a response!

    Comment by doctor d | June 2, 2009 | Reply

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